Anthropomorphic Ceremonial Vase - PF.4189
Origin: Costa Rica
Circa: 800 AD to 1200 AD
Dimensions: 16" (40.6cm) high
Catalogue: V22
Collection: Pre-Columbian
Medium: Terracotta

This beautifully curvaceous vessel made out of pristine earthenware, demonstrates the importance and complexities of ceremonial order and symbolism. The vessel's design suggests its function would have been to hold an important liquid during a ceremonial ritual. The design itself would have been representative of the ceremony. Each detail remains subtle, such as the beautiful zoomorphic design on the back of the piece. The front shows the pendulous breast of the woman while discreetly covering her genitalia with a vividly designed cloth. Her face is expressive, trying to convey a variety of emotions. To add a sense of presence, her hands are placed firmly on her knees, symbolizing purposefulness in her role. Such pieces maintain their presence throughout the years, providing us with a great source of knowledge into the past. - (PF.4189)