Roman Ribbon Glass Dish - GF.0346
Circa: 100 BC
Dimensions: 3.5" (8.9cm) wide
Collection: Roman
Medium: Glass

We will never know what objects might have rested in this dish. However, it is obvious from the remarkable craftsmanship of the dish itself that only the finest of substances would have graced its surface. The lens shaped bowl is formed of opaque bands of red, yellow, and green interspersed with bands of translucent blue and the same blue with milky white streaks. A colorless band with yellow streaks is also worked in. The blue rim is decorated by a spirally wound white braid, creating a frame for the whole. The colorful bands are muted when seen from below, producing an effect of dark green, blue, and black hue. Overall this is a splendid, timeless piece. Hs maker clearly reached a level of expertise that would be unrivaled in any age. - (GF.0346)