Greco-Roman Bronze Sculpture of a Lion - FZ.342
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 200 BC to 200 AD
Dimensions: 5.125" (13.0cm) high
Catalogue: V20
Collection: Classical
Style: Greco-Roman
Medium: Bronze

The lion is a symbol of strength and ferocity. The largest of the cat family, this animal is known as the “king of the beasts.” Lions are equally feared and respected for their power, speed, and intimidating growl. Kings and rulers have long associated themselves with this noble creature. The majesty of this bronze masterpiece is befitting of such a noble creature. Alas the animal has been sculpted with the attention to detail and expression usually only reserved for the finest portraiture. The execution of the mane is especially stunning. Furry locks fall in waves wrapping around his head. The classic posture of the beast is akin to the Sphinx, lying flat on his belly with his front paws extended. Great care has also been taken to convey the facial features of his head. His jaw, slightly ajar, and flaring nostrils hint at the fierce power of this creature. Alas, in the presence of this magnificent sculpture we are in awe of both the power of the beast and the expertise of the artist. - (FZ.342)